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Public Insurance Adjuster- An Advocate When You Need One Most

Claims International Inc. can help you settle claims faster and get you the maximum insurance recovery. I work for you, not the insurance company.

I am an insurance adjustment expert, and handle commercial and residential insurance claims. I am available to service business and residential policyholders.

Your insurance company hires their own adjusters to represent their interests, you should hire a public adjuster to represent yours.

Claims International Inc. knows that an insurance claim arising from a property loss can be overwhelming. Often, property holders are faced with such issues as:

  • Protecting the property from further damages
  • Making an inventory of contents including extent of damage, value, & loss
  • Obtaining repair/replacement estimates for building damages
  • Temporary/permanent relocation
  • Building code issues
  • Business Interruption and/or rental loss

As a policyholder’s advocate, I work with you to assist with these issues and more. Hiring a public insurance adjuster results in much greater insurance claims settlements.


Adjuster- [uh-JUHS-ter]

One who investigates insurance claims for property damages and advocates for an effective settlement.


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